The primary purpose of personal growth is to be the best you that you can be.   In order that this can be achieved, your ‘acquired self’ needs to be renounced, allowing the authentic self to take its rightful place on the stage of your life. Self realisation is not perfection, it is not the point at which personal growth ceases, it is in fact the starting point for living.   Self realisation is much more than self awareness, it is about applying the benefits of self awareness in one’s life.  Self realisation is the point at which you become stable, self driven, in control of your energies and faculties, able to respond constructively and healthily to the countless challenges  of being human.



For the most part we are driven by our sub-conscious patterns (habits), driven by the force of circumstances and events, driven by our need to be liked, accepted and loved. This ‘driven-ness’ is a consciousness devoid of self realisation, a consciousness that does not take proper account of the needs of the self. It is a mental posture divorced from who we are, and what best serves the human spirit.  Self realisation is to drive oneself, it is a state of acting in accordance with what we know and believe, it is where we lead and are not led. The main reason for walking the tightrope of self examination is to reach the point where you are in command of yourself, able to make decisions from a position of balance, insight and clarity.



This is the self-realised state, which is the main doorway to a greater understanding of life’s diversity, mystery and magic. In fact, without self realisation we continue to live in the fog of doubt, confusion, fear, lacking direction and purpose. And as a result, events, people, wants, expectations, misguided aspirations, drive us further away from our self. Self realisation is not some trouble-free state where life is always smooth, free of difficulty and challenge; it is a way of being which allows you to respond to life without being crippled by panic,  anxiety,  fear and your past enslavements.  This wonderfully liberated consciousness allows you to fulfil your potential as you learn to cross the bridge from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’ and then discover the joy of ‘being’.



The self realised state is achieved and then sustained by practising self nurturing activities. This process begins by increasing your understanding of the human condition, it then requires patient and consistent application of that knowledge. In addition there is the need for on-going contemplation and reflection, constructive self examination, engaging in those activities that increase your self respect and self love and applying what you know for the greater good.   The self realised consciousness is not selfish or self absorbed.   To be selfish is to pursue your aims and ambitions at any cost, usually at the cost of others, with no concern about the consequences.



Self absorption, on the other hand is about being focused on your self to such an extent you don’t see anything else or anyone else.   Self realisation is a powerful position which introduces you to the best of yourself and by sharing the best of you, you are able to introduce others to the best in themselves. Self realisation is a generous, caring, loving state that also considers and embraces the needs of others.   Until we find healthy ways to process our pain, anger and hurts,   and exorcise our own personal demons we are denied this priceless gift.



It is time to give birth to yourself. Giving birth to yourself means leaving the unwanted themes, messages and images of the past behind and allowing that most precious part of you to have a chance to live and breathe the air of the present. Give a determined push now and bring to an end your labour, struggle and fatigue. It is time for a new era, the era of self realisation.




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