Once you understand that your memories are the template for your present attitudes, responses, beliefs and reactions, you have for the first time, real power within your grasp. The ultimate power is self mastery. Real power is not about control of others. This simply tells the story of inferiority and insecurity. Real power is about controlling oneself. So understanding that  it  is  your memories that hold you hostage to your pain, hurts, doubts and fears, gives you the opportunity to change that. Remember you only behave in the way that you do because the memory responsible for that behaviour has been left unchecked and unchallenged. Obviously if the way a memory was laid down was positive then of course we have no reason to change that. We may seek to consolidate and enhance it but we certainly wouldn’t want to reframe it.



It is the negative experiences that we are concerned with moulding. Our aim is to be able to look back to the time when our hurts, fears, doubts and feelings of anger were conceived and yet find that they are unable to resurrect the negative emotions that are crippling us. As laid out in Moulding Memories, there is a huge number of options for dismantling past influences on our every day reality (see handouts Forgiveness and Gratitude 1 & 2, Sustainable Solutions, Positive Affirmations, Personal Prayer 1 & 2, Creative Visualisation, Reframing etc.).



Everything about the Reach Approach enables the individual to increase her/his awareness to understand and embrace one’s demons, in order to be truly free of them. Our philosophy is based on understanding that the problem and the solution live in the same place and so if we run from our problems then of course we are unlikely to find our solutions. This is why the approach is multi-factorial, i.e. mind body spirit and environment. If we are to change the way the past influences us, in other words, mould our memories in a way that enables us to take the lessons of our experiences whilst leaving the rest behind, then we need to understand it is not past events or the individuals associated with them that are our enemies. It is the way that we remain attached to them that limits our ability to transform ourselves.



In fact, if you were to spend the next 3 or 4 months in the intense endeavour of re-writing your script using the aforementioned activities and developing the structure and discipline so that you were uncompromising within them, then your recovery would be guaranteed. The date for your victory  would  be  a  foregone  conclusion because you would for sure overturn the dictatorial influences of your past (see Metaphysics 1 & 2, Focusing with Faith, Miracles are Made).



With every fibre of your being do whatever is  necessary,  whatever  it  takes  to  mould  your memories so they become only positive influences in your life. Make a heartfelt pledge now to do   that in an unwavering way. Make this pledge today and make this pledge to yourself every day for the next 3 to 4 months and muster whatever determination and commitment you have to this cause and with the help of the person that you’re taking this journey with and the resources that you    have and any other additional support, you will be able to march to your own personal victory and gain the greatest power of all, control over one’s self. Self mastery is the ultimate prize. Self mastery means no longer being a slave to the past, it is a state of mind that cherishes the self and others. A place of inner peace and contentment, where one is driven by the highest ideals and principles. Give this precious gift to yourself by moulding your memories in such a way that you experience your past to be your best tutor.




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