Once it has been really understood that itʼs not what you know,  itʼs what you do that counts, then one of the pivotal pillars for positive change is in place. However this defining principle cannot stand alone. Another pivotal pillar is understanding that routine is power. Those of you familiar with the Reach approach will know the phrase that momentum is the engine of success. Without it the individual struggles to find his/her way and simply reinforces the belief that s/he is not good enough. One of the main reasons that those pursuing the path of personal development are unable to reach the destination is that the momentum required for progress is never put in place. They fall foul of the habit and the belief that incessantly talking about what they know is a substitute for application. Nothing is a substitute for application.



To extract the power of routine two things are needed, consistency and momentum. Power is accrued as a result of both. This is a very simple equation and once in place it will deliver priceless outcomes. It will give to you more than your mind is currently able to imagine. To take up this challenge, decide to put into practice one or two positive activities a day.



There are so many to choose from, for example; reading and listening to positive material; practicing creative visualisation and positive affirmations; establishing a personal prayer; developing a mind, body, spirit plan; ensuring that you eat a broad and nutritious diet with copious amounts of water; embroidering a moderate exercise regime into your life is invaluable; finding pockets of stillness in which you can delve into the depths of silence; creating genuine ʻme timeʼ; it is also essential to practice giving thanks for those things you take for granted; consciously forgiving yourself and others for your and their mistakes; and the list goes on. So you can see there is no shortage of positive choices to make each day.



Once youʼve selected at least one thing to put into practice each day, itʼs important that you remain true to whatever youʼve chosen. Make the pledge to yourself that you will do this every day and as sure as day follows night, momentum will follow. Out of that momentum will grow a sense of your own value and worth. That power will breed confidence. That confidence will give rise to an even greater desire to build on the power of practice. Many think of ʻpractice makes perfectʼ as a cliché, yet it is one of the eternal truths. If we all look to our own experience we will see the validity of this statement and for the purpose of fulfilling our potential and living in accordance with our highest purpose it is certainly the case. The more we practice doing the right things, the greater the rewards.



So start with one thing a day. If you feel you can manage two then better still. However, itʼs absolutely imperative that you donʼt try to do more than you think you can manage at the beginning. To take on more than you can manage only serves to disempower you as it confirms the illusion that you are not good enough should you fail (see Less is More). Itʼs time to slay this particular demon with all the other mythological characters it has created. You are indeed good enough but the way to actually experience this is to do little and often.



Once youʼve become consistent doing one or two things, then think of how you can add one or two other things. A good starting point for many is to write a personal prayer (which is your own mission statement – see Personal Prayer 1 & 2) as it helps focus the mind. Once the mind is focused on where it is going the inclination and desire to take on board the practices that will help you reach your destination will grow. This is where momentum i.e. the engine of success, kicks in. So if you want to experience the awesome power of routine,  begin your journey in this way and youʼll find that the courage and faith will grow inside of you as your practise and your endeavour increase. As a result, personal power you never knew you had will fill your heart and mind and breathe life into your dreams!