The acronym N.O.S.E. was conceived out of a desire to further simplify and clarify the Reach Approach. It is our experience and belief that the more you understand the journey you are taking and thereby fully participating in your own process, the more you can orchestrate a positive outcome. So we are always looking for ways to help those who have the courage to take this journey to deepen their understanding and take back control of their lives. We believe N.O.S.E. does just that. It completely embraces the way that we work and provides a simple and clear rationale for our approach (see handout N.O.S.E). This handout is one of four explaining in a little more depth each of the core components.



We believe that until you name ‘it’ (your pain, hurt, fear, doubt, in fact whatever it is that ails you) you will be unable to break the negative cycles that enslave you. In fact, we would go even further than this; until you accurately name your ‘stuff’ your capacity for peace of mind, contentment, stability and happiness is significantly reduced. Many people are busy living the lie that they’re ok when in fact if they looked beyond the surface what they would see is panic, fear and insecurity lurking deep within. It’s within these murky waters that the stench of dissatisfaction, repeated disappointment and periods of delusion and even depression can be found. All of this exists because the individual has not truly identified what is wrong. “Why can’t I break free from these patterns I despise?” “Why don’t I have the courage to be true to my beliefs?” “Why do I busy myself fitting in when I don’t even respect what I am a part of?” Do you recognize any of these voices? Can you see yourself in these internal chantings? If so you have not named what is limiting you. How do you name ‘it’?…



Naming your ‘stuff’ is not as easy as it might first appear. It requires excruciating honesty, quiet reflection and a fearlessness that enables you to look into the dark recesses of your mind. If you take a close look at yourself through your moods, attitudes, ways of being, interactions and most intimate relationships, you will be able to see the multifaceted personality that you’ve constructed over the course of your life. And in this mirror, if you look closely with the piercing eyes of honesty and courage to face the truth, you will see those things that are less desirable about you. This is where the process begins.



Once you’ve gathered such a list of undesirables, the next phase is to take a closer look and this requires stillness and silence. Under the microscope of quiet reflection you are able to understand the ‘viral-like’ nature of emotions and their incredible ability to transmute. Just like a virus constantly seeks to re-invent itself within the cell in order to ensure its survival, in the same way emotions are very protective of themselves and once under scrutiny or sensing any attack, they find a way to metamorphose in order to maintain their survival. It’s an instinct of all life force/energy. This is why naming ‘it’ can be such a challenge and without a deep desire to see the truth one remains a victim to this ‘viral-like’ activity.



So, in order to trace the previous incarnations of your emotions look at yourself closely in the mirror of moods, attitudes, interactions and relationships etc., regularly sit in silence and listen to the songs that your heart sings and the origins of your present day activity will become clear. The whole purpose of the life mapping phase within our work is to help you to name your ‘stuff’ because until you do, the prospect of setting yourself free remains only an intellectual and theoretical proposition. Realise that what currently stands in front of you is unlikely to be the whole truth, so don’t be afraid to take a closer look because whatever you find, even though you may at first be afraid, offers the keys to your mental emancipation.





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