The journey from knowing to doing is probably the most important journey any of us will ever take (see Personal Growth … All You Need to Know). Without it we are unable to be the best we can be, because it is not what we know that counts: it is what we do that matters. One who takes this journey eventually arrives at the ultimate destination, which is that place we call ‘being’.  Being is the pinnacle of doing; it is a place of stability, clarity and inner peace, where all the pointless pursuits of materialism are surrendered.



This is not a renunciation of the material world, on the contrary it is living in the world and yet not being defined by it. In that place of being, one’s definition comes from within; one’s own thoughts and feelings become the true measure of self worth. It is a position of perpetual realisation, as one sees all things clearly (see Three Aspects of Consciousness) and the most important of these realisations is that: “My value is not defined by what I have but by who I am”.  Being is living in the joy and contentment of self knowledge, it is the ultimate in self awareness; it needs nothing else because it is complete. So how do we get from Knowing to Doing and then from Doing to Being?



Knowing: The first port of call on the way to being is knowing. No serious journey of personal growth can begin without the gathering of information. Ours is an informational universe: all transactions from the microcosmic level to the macro-cosmic level have a story of information as their sub-text. Every chemical interaction and reaction is about the giving and sharing of information.



These exchanges then drive the direction of a multitude of biological events. This pattern can be seen right the way through the energy continuum (see Story of Light series) where every spark of energy whether cellular or planetary shares its own message, value and purpose through its interaction. Our journey too needs knowledge to propel it; otherwise we would simply go around the same loops of ignorance, wondering why nothing ever changes. Positive change needs knowledge; it is only on the back of new information or by interacting with the same information in a new way that our reality can change.



Knowing without application: Knowledge alone is quite simply not enough. How often have you made the mistake of thinking that having knowledge was enough, only to find out that nothing much had changed? In fact there are times when having the knowledge makes things worse!  How can having the knowledge make things worse, surely this is a contradiction in terms? The simple truth is that knowledge becomes a burden when it is not applied! Knowledge illuminates the path, it shows us what needs to be done but if we do not act on its wisdom the position we find ourselves in becomes more unbearable.



It is as if our conscience punishes us for doing nothing to change when we do have a map to help us find our way. It is one thing to be trapped by ignorance and a lack of knowledge, it is a completely different thing to be trapped by apathy or in some cases arrogance. There are also those who in spite of having the information, simply lack the courage (see Courage and Application are the Keys) to do what is required. They do not have faith in themselves or in the outcome and so they stay in the perceived ‘comfort’ of what they know – without ever “doing”. In truth there is no comfort there, only familiarity.



Those who fall foul of arrogance believe ‘knowing’ means they have arrived at the destination. They bask in their attainment, not understanding this is merely the beginning of their journey, not the end. There are many who get stuck here for years, talking their way to nowhere! They are so impressed with the sound of their own voice they do not realise they are stuck. Knowledge without application means we continue to be held hostage by our past, our patterns, our fear and shame. It promises a better tomorrow which just never comes.




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