EFW is a unique marriage between energy psychology, neurobiology, naturopathic principles and ancient mind-body philosophy. It is an approach which realises that no single technique or method can rescue the human spirit from a lifetime of damage and dysfunction. The more we understand the mind-body system the more it screams in our faces ‘everything is connected’! This is why the emphasis in EFW is not to simply apply the technique but to help the individual build a whole new approach to their life. Let’s take a closer look at how.



1. The 5 primary categories of EEG rhythms (brainwave activity) are gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Gamma is the most intense when viewed on the EEG monitor and is aligned to intense mental activity, probably best exhibited in highly anxious states, intense moments of concentration and highly stressful situations to name a Beta is less intense and is most likely to be found in ‘normal’ conversational exchanges and probably most people operate somewhere within the beta range. Alpha brainwave activity is arguably the best range within which to conduct our daily lives. It resembles a gentle stroll in the park, or sitting and appreciating the awe and beauty of nature. It is relaxation personified.


Theta is an even deeper state of relaxation and is more ‘trance-like’. The individual is probably as relaxed as can be without actually being asleep, although it would be accurate to point out that theta brainwaves are registered when asleep too. Delta is where there is very little brainwave activity and although it can be experienced whilst awake (such as in hypnosis, deep relaxation or meditation) probably most people only ever have this experience during sleep. These levels of consciousness are relevant to this approach (in fact to the whole therapeutic process) because they help us to understand that the more that individuals are exposed to alpha, theta and delta activity, the more likely their consciousness will open up to positive change. (see How Brain Wave Patterns Relate to Levels of Consciousness). EFW is amongst the activities that influence consciousness in this way. Other examples would be focused breathing, mirror work, positive affirmations, prayer, meditation etc.



2. There is a rapid growth in EFT being conducted over the phone. For whose benefit is this? In helping clients to identify where their blockages lie it’s important for therapist and client to be sharing the same personal space. There are in the main, five languages expressing themselves simultaneously. These are the eyes, the face, the spoken word, the body and probably most importantly of all, the personal atmosphere (the aura). In order for the practitioner to facilitate the best outcome for the client an awareness and understanding of these five languages is invaluable.


Through the spoken word the client may misrepresent the truth or even lie out of embarrassment. More common than this are the unconscious drives and patterns that keep them tied to unwanted attitudes and behaviours. The other four languages never lie. They simply don’t know This is why if the practitioner is to identify the things most blocking the client’s way, they need to be able to ‘observe’ the truths that these other four languages portray. It’s by paying attention to such details that a rapid resolution technique may in fact become a permanent life change, rather than a temporary one.



3. The body speaks the mind. To be more precise, the body speaks on behalf of the subconscious mind. Each of the meridian pathways relate to some aspect of the human condition (see EFW 4) and therefore can tell us “stuff” the client may never be able to say, no matter how insightful or articulate they may be. So if we want to understand these sub-conscious drives we need to ‘listen’ to the body because it speaks to us at all.  The question is, are you listening?  95% of the thoughts you have are repeated thoughts (and it is estimated we have around 60,000 thoughts per day).  In other words unless you consciously change your thoughts they are the same thoughts as yesterday, five years ago, even fifty years ago! This is one of the main reasons many of us struggle to change despite our best efforts, because these repeated thoughts, which are the property of the subconscious mind, just keep turning up every day, usually unchecked and unchallenged.


So the same habits, patterns and moods keep us pinned to the floor. This is why choice i.e. free will is truly our most precious gift. Unless we exercise this greatest of all powers the 5% of thoughts that are new and offer the opportunity for positive change will simply become redundant as they stand in line waiting to join the subconscious community, not having had a chance to express their inherent creativity. EFW offers the chance to influence these repeated thoughts that are governing the policy and direction of the mind. It offers a real chance to persuade the subconscious mind to become the powerhouse behind a self that is ever growing, enriched and ultimately enlightened. This is why understanding these pivotal points affords the practitioner the means to help the client understand his or her own blockages and limitations.



4. Having dismantled the old outdated ideas and patterns, the danger is that a vacuum is created. Nature abhors a vacuum and will therefore seek to fill it, invariably with another set of negative thoughts. Hence the importance of choosing for ourselves what we would want to place in this void. So EFW would not consider any emotional work to be complete without doing ‘choice work’. This is where the emphasis is placed on writing a new script that reflects the mental and spiritual ambitions of the individual. It’s where one chooses faith over doubt, joy over fear, love over anger, life over death. (See the Power of Choice). Although the activity is carried out in the same way, the emphasis is different. The work at this stage focuses on ‘putting in’ what’s missing, to provide a new outlook and attitude. It’s incredibly



5. Quantum coherence is where the various electromagnetic fields of the body all resonate at the same frequency. Most of us would know this state as health. Quantum dissonance is where those electromagnetic fields are no longer communicating effectively and co-operation is replaced with conflict. Most of us would know this as disease. The things that most impact on the quantum resonance of the body are our thoughts and feelings. These are the most subtle of all energies and have the biggest impact on quantum dynamics i.e. events that happen at the atomic and subatomic level.


Most disturbance and damage is done at a quantum level which then permeates throughout the mind and body (see The Story of Light 1 & 2). This is why an emotional solution is also imperative if we are to resolve many of our biological issues. If the appropriate biological solutions are put in place but the emotional drivers remain then the biological interventions will simply be putting out the fire while the emotional drivers are starting new ones. We call this chasing the arsonist! Isn’t it better to persuade the arsonist to stop creating the fires rather than calling the fire brigade to keep putting them out? EFW is communicating with the arsonist which helps create quantum coherence and prevents the mind-body system from working against itself.



Invoking our ideal reality is easier than we may think. It simply requires that we practise providing the mind with the right fuel then your good intentions and innate virtues will have the means to express themselves. EFW is not a stand-alone approach. It needs to be viewed through the lens of the ‘Story of Health’. It is an important component of personal growth not a panacea for all ills. Used appropriately with proper attention to the ‘whole’ self, it is quite amazing what it is able to shift and resolve.





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