Narinder’s contact with Reach began in the late 1990s. She first came through our doors as a client.  She was truly amazed by the transformation in herself that by the time she completed her own journey she had decided that she wanted to help others in the same way and underwent the necessary training to achieve that objective. She is a very warm, sincere, sensitive and caring woman and has already touched and helped improve the lives of many.

Narinder has experience of working with a variety of clients and issues. Whilst working within Reach she has also worked with a range of organisations and agencies and has gained valuable experience from working with clients who have suffered rape and sexual violence, domestic violence, childhood abuse as well as severe and acute psychological disorders. She also has extensive experience of working with those who have been victims of torture and war. It is because of her significant and diverse experience in these areas that she has become a skilled and valuable member of the team and eventually was asked to join us as a partner over 10 years ago.  Since then Narinder has continued to make an invaluable contribution to all things Reach.

As one of our experienced therapists, Narinder is able to offer one-to-one work, couple therapy, supervision of individual practitioners and group support.

So for those of you keen to work with our methods and techniques, please feel free to contact Narinder directly on 07758 146938 and she’ll be more than happy to help. She is based in Perry Barr, Birmingham, but as our clients come from all over the country, she is happy to see anyone who thinks she’s the right match for their circumstances.