We are about to launch a new range of t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.  We have partnered up with Teemill who are an ethical manufacturer of these products and who use entirely recycled materials.


Their model is designed around making every aspect of the manufacturing process as kind as possible to the environment.  They design their clothes in a way that at the end of the garment’s life they invite the consumer to return the goods to them so it can be reused.  Watch this short video to understand their ethos and philosophy…



Currently, about two thirds of all clothing (subject to which data you believe) ends up in landfills – burdening the planet with further waste.


Our t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags will feature some of our most popular catch phrases and slogans, in cool, classy designs.  This is another opportunity for us to spread positive messages whilst at the same time making a small contribution to making our planet a better place.


Here is where the production process begins:


Please look out for our new website featuring the first wave of designs…