My name is Monica Douglas-Clark. I also have a yogic name Hridaya Purna (which means fullness of the heart in Sanskrit). I am committed to helping myself and those around me to explore the deeper aspects of our being. Yoga provides systematic practices to help us on this voyage of discovery.


I support people to explore yoga practices in a nurturing and creative way to bring balance to mind, body, spirit and environment. This sharing is based on my own transformational experiences whilst practising both Yoga and the Reach Approach, which is why I know the two can work seamlessy for those wishing to explore a more mind-body/holistic path.


In the sessions we explore a range of yogic practices to nurture and relax the body and mind, stimulate the subtle energy in the body and connect to spirit. Practices include asana (postures), pranayama (breath awareness), yogic cleansing practices, yogic philosophy in daily life, use of sound, Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation) and Meditation.


Yoga is an inclusive discipline for all people whatever state of health, gender, faith, age or any other social category. I am a qualified and experienced yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga specialist. I am happy to work with complete beginners and more experienced practitioners to find practices that suit you. You can choose to practice within a group setting or in one to one sessions. I also provide Yoga Study and Sadhana Courses for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their practice and teacher training as a member of the Mandala Yoga Ashram Teacher Training Course tutor team.


I am based in Birmingham and hold yoga and creativity retreats in Barbados.

For more information please visit my websites: – General Yoga course and 1:1 information – Specialist Pregnancy, Postnatal and Recovery Classes or…..

email. or telephone 0787 659 1190


Monica is a wonderful example of someone who has realised that it’s not what you know it’s what you do that counts!  The journey she undertook at Reach was one where she displayed great courage and honesty and as a result was able to grow out of her experiences.  She moved from despair and dysfunction to one who’s established a discipline and a maturity that has enabled her to walk with others as they seek to find their own way.  And so we have no hesitation in endorsing both her sincerity and the quality of her work.