Cytoplan – A Special Arrangement



Those of you familiar with our work will know that we have a mind-body-spirit-environment model. We passionately believe that the needs of the human condition are best met by equally addressing these four areas. Any strategy or plan that ignores the interconnectedness of these four aspects will be limited in its ability to restore health and wellbeing.


When looking at the body aspect, then supplements have now become an essential component of nutrition. We simply aren’t able to extract all our nutrients from our food (see: The Truth About Supplements). Because we know supplements have now unfortunately become essential we want to ensure that individuals are able to get the best their money can buy because all supplements are not the same.


Cytoplan is a market leader and particularly specialises in food state nutrition. This simply means that many of their products have been developed using a food base, which provides the best delivery system for the nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Supplements shouldn’t be taken in an isolated form. They should be married together with their other co-factors, only then do we get the best results. For those of you wanting to know more about food state nutrition, take a closer look at their site (


We have been using and recommending Cytoplan products for the last decade and have complete confidence in the quality of their products. We also know that the organisation honours the principles of holism and delivers its service with integrity. This is why we’ve established a partnership with Cytoplan that will benefit all the users of our site.  What this means for you is a 10% discount on all of their products when quoting this number – HE10.


This 10% is in addition to any other offers that they may have on at the time (and there are plenty of those throughout the year). It means getting a quality product at a reasonable price.


We do recommend their whole range but there are some products we think are worthy of special mention. These include: Biovital, Biovital Plus, Immunovite, Vitamin C Extra, Be Bright, Antioxidant Formula and Flax Oil. Not everyone will need these, however, these particular products do offer good all-round nutritional support, providing the individual with a much better chance of maintaining good health. Where infection or ill health already exists they will ensure a more robust response. We would suggest trying some of these products and seeing for yourself.


You can order either via Cytoplan’s website or contact their friendly and helpful staff on Tel: 01684 310099 quoting HE10