Although Reach is largely a Midlands based practice, our influence and reputation is certainly UK wide. We have associates all over the country but we recognise 60 practitioners can in no way meet the national need. However we will continue to give the best account of ourselves. We have developing contacts and initiatives in Ireland, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Plymouth, Cornwall and Bristol. In addition to this, we also have a significant international interest with over 100 countries regularly downloading our materials, watching our videos and listening to our recordings.  We also have a variety of individuals and organisations undertaking distant learning initiatives with us and this continues to expand.

Donella Caubo is our lead partner who oversees the London (and the South East) aspects of our work. She has had contact with Reach for over 20 years, beginning initially as a client, who faced enormous challenges in her attempts to find stability and peace of mind. She eventually graduated to become one of our main practitioners, hence her pivotal role. For those of you looking for help in London and the South East, we would highly recommend you make her your first port of call. As with all our practitioners, Donella is appropriately qualified and accredited but more importantly as far as we are concerned she has done the work on herself and continues to walk the path of personal growth. She is a first-class therapist who’s honesty, integrity and commitment to others mean she will never give you less than her best. We are proud of the contribution she continues to make to Reach.

For those wishing to find out more please ring her on: 07950201718