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We have now added some video footage of various practitioners, scientists and researchers from different fields, all representing some aspect of the ‘mind-body-spirit-environment’ model that we at Reach believe is imperative for optimal and holistic health. These recordings are in no way meant to be a substitute for seeing a doctor or health practitioner if you think you have a problem that needs special attention. They are really designed to increase your knowledge and act as a catalyst for you to look more deeply into these areas and take responsibility for your life and well-being. We are aware this is a multi-media age and therefore video footage will have a special appeal for many, however, we hope these will not become a substitute for the written word as we continue to post other research and clinical evidence on this page. Finally, we would encourage you to remember the message not the messenger. History has taught us that when we focus disproportionately on the messenger, the message often gets lost and so do we!


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