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Dr. David Simon

Dr. David Simon is a qualified neurologist. He is considered to be a pioneer in mind-body-spirit medicine. He co-founded the Chopra Center for Well-Being with Deepak Chopra. He has become one of the foremost authorities on holistic health-care practices. Dr. Simon is a firm believer in the concept that our mental state influences our physical well-being and has written a number of books on the subject, such as: The Wisdom of Healing: a natural mind-body programme for optimal wellness, The Chopra Centre Herbal Handbook, How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius, Return to Wholeness: embrace your mind, body and spirit in the face of cancer. He is part of the growing movement of neuroscientists who believe in ‘the molecule of emotion’, that is, our emotions are forces in their own right and they impact on the biological story. Therefore, healing depends in part on emotional resolution and freedom. This is why he is an advocate for meditation and an holistic lifestyle.
Dr. David Simon: of the Chopra Center on Ayurvedic Principles 
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