Counselling And Psychotherapy In The UK
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Online advice to beat depression

Are you in need of anxiety or depression advice? Need to know whom to turn to? Are you afraid of asking friends or family for support? Is the internet being unhelpful, hurtful even?

The Reach Approach can help in times of anxiety and depression.

The Reach Approach's philosophy is; "he who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside wakes" (Carl Jung).

They have five main areas of study (see The Reach Approach in a Nutshell), and they incorporate the message that no one can ever understand anything by simply only looking at part of it. The Reach Approach's hypothesis is simple;

"Synergy is the answer; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

The Reach Approach is NOT affiliated to ANY religious or spiritual groups and organisations. They DO, however, offer healthy, natural solutions to problematic periods of people's lives through innovative and spiritual self-help solutions.

For more information on how The Reach Approach could help you and your relationships why not call 01213542756 or email;

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