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Help with relationship counselling in the UK

Are you in need of relationship advise? Need to know whom to turn to? Are you afraid of asking friends or family for support? Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of options on the internet? The Reach Approach can help in times of relationship difficulties.

The Reach Approach's philosophy is:

"The cure of a part should not be attempted without the treatment of a whole. No attempt should aim to cure the body without the soul." (Plato)

This is a truly 'whole person' approach. The more you examine the model the more you can see that their focus is on helping the individual develop their mind, body, spirit and environment equally. The metaphor they use to illustrate this is to think of these four subject matters as four legs of a table, each one being equally significant in terms of the table (the self) being able to function optimally.

As a consequence of their research, knowledge and clinical experience, they have developed a spiritual model that reflects the best of eastern and western philosophy, whilst being careful not to associate their approach to any particular ideology. The Reach Approach is based on integration rather than segregation; on co-operation rather than competition.

For more information on how The Reach Approach could help you and your relationships why not call 01213542756 or email at: for more information?

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