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One Life

One life is a registered charity set up to help mainly with the education of the children of Nseleni township in Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa. These children are orphaned through the AIDS Virus and about 75% are born HIV Positive. The Anti Retroviral Drugs are now making a big difference to these children, enhancing and lengthening their lives. Many of these children live with older siblings or aged and sick grandparents or neighbours in broken down shacks. Most shacks or dwellings are without running water, electricity, mattresses, blankets and adequate amounts of food for survival. One Life raises money to try and improve these living conditions and it is very rewarding to see when visiting them the difference this small charity is making to the children and their carers.

One Life reaches these children through Nancy Khuzwayo of the Thandukuphila Centre, Nseleni. Nancy is the project manager of the centre and its founder and an inspirational and very caring African lady. The centre feeds approx 900 children daily before and after school and sees to their needs. All money donated by One Life goes directly to an account held by Nancy specifically for the children and is used for what it is specified for.
Elena Utton, founder of the charity, has been visiting the children of the Thandukuphila Centre on a yearly basis. This has proved to be a very worthwhile venture and keeps the charity well informed as to progress being made through the help given.
One of our aims is to put more and more children through school each year. It costs £50 per year to sponsor a child’s school fees/uniform allowing a child the right of an education. We have 211 children sponsored by people in the UK and we have two children in college and one starting a nursing career in January. Higher education is expensive and costs around £1000 per year. Another aim is the continuation of fundraising where money is used to better the living conditions of the children and their carers and for medication, hospital fees ,transport fees, nappies for the crèche babies and warm clothing for the children.
One Life needs continuous support and funding to enable it to continue giving help to these children who are so in need of it. If you’re interested in supporting the charity in any way, then please visit or ring on 020 8926 2431.

Shack in the squatters camp

Elena and Khanya, Nancy’s daughter, taken in the Thandukuphila crèche with the day care orphans

Children receiving food after school at the centre

Some of our lads receiving football strips donated by a sports shop in Chingford

Photo taken in side one of the shacks

Bad dwelling

Remote family who live in dire poverty

Children at our new satellite feeding centre receiving hand puppets donated by Bond’s Puppets of Covent Garden

Children receiving mattresses
Children having just received blankets

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