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Dear Narinder,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Reach’s holistic philosophy that has been a life changing experience for me.
I came to Reach at the age of 40. My life had been full of pain, anger, abuse, deceit and hate; I did not know who I was or where my life was heading.
I was so full of explosive anger and that anger would affect the closest people to me. Then the guilt and anger would fester inside me for what I had said and done and I would then punish myself. I would feel ugly, unloved, unwanted, alone, slowly sinking into a dark, deep hole. I had no one to talk to. Family and friends would come to me with their problems, but I had no one to talk to about mine. People assumed that I was ok because I had always put on this pretence that I was. 
I was the survivor, not the victim of the horrible abuse my brother and sister and I had received from our Step Father. Everyone assumed I was ok because I was not into drugs, I had no drink problems like them, but I was not. I needed to be there for them and their problems, which still today affect them, because I knew what they were feeling - the disgust, the self hate, the guilt, it was overpowering at times, and I had to be the strong one so they had someone to fall on and to pick them up when they hit rock bottom. But who was there for me? I could not phone them up when I was hurting or being beaten by my partner. I had to do it alone. I built up a big, thick brick wall around me which I kept myself in - lost, alone, a poor little child in an adult’s body, trying to live a normal life, raising a daughter to have everything I never had - normality, love, affection, religion, security, stability, a Father, an education.
I am happy to say I have achieved all these things with my daughter through determination and hard work.
Since I was a child I would never cry and I still can’t cry. I had to be this strong defiant child who would not give my Step Father the satisfaction of seeing me cry when he beat and sexually abused me. Even at a really young age I had this will in me to be strong and yes, it has helped me a lot, but it has also stopped me letting people get too close.
I thought I was a survivor but because I did not love myself enough, as I grew up, I went into relationships where my partner started beating me and again I would be defiant and not cry and try and fight back. I went through this in my teens, my twenties and the beatings stopped when I met my husband in my thirties. However, because I was used to the beatings etc, it took a long time to realise that not all men hit women and that a man can love you unconditionally, as my husband showed me by standing by me when I would shout, hit out at him, be sad and depressed. He would forgive me and tell me he loved me. Our relationship was not perfect but we stuck it out and with the help of Reach we are still together.
Since coming to Reach my life has changed completely and no, it was not easy facing the truth. However, the trust between me and Narinder developed very quickly. To have someone to sit down and talk to about what I have been through and what I was still going through and not be judged and not be made to feel ashamed, was life changing. Slowly, week by week I started to let go of the shame and guilt of being abused, realising that it was not my fault, and that I needed to learn to love myself and love my inner child and to let go of the past and look to my future.
And what a future I have got now. I am happily married after 12 years of being with my daughter’s Father, because I could now love myself and was now able to let my partner in. They say life begins at 40 and yes it does for me! My 40’s have been the best years of my life. I am only 42 now but WOW these last two years have been wonderful, life changing, uplifting, magical, and yes hard at times. I know I will have to carry on with working on myself by eating well, drinking the water, affirmations, mirror work and taking care of my inner child. I will because Reach has given me the tools to work with and it’s now down to me to carry on with the work on myself and I am a witness that the holistic work Reach offers to their clients really works. Look at me!
My sessions have now finished with you, Narinder and it was quite sad for me as I have grown very close to you. You know everything about me, you have never judged me, you have listened to me and were there for me and I will never forget you or Reach for all the wonderful work you have done for me. My life is happy and complete and I look to the future with happiness and not dread.

“Imagination is everything! It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Following the breakdown of a ten year relationship, I was lucky enough to be recommended and referred to Elaine at Reach. I visited her within two weeks of my breakup and I was in a complete mess. She agreed to work with me.
The following week we set out the boundaries and the Reach Approach was fully explained to me. We agreed to meet on a weekly basis and I soon learned through my sessions, that there are many other ways of dealing with my emotions and limitations. I have learned to accept my past, deal with my insecurities and recognise that the many things that have happened can be dismantled, accepted and looked at in a new light. The past cannot be changed but it can be seen and viewed very differently.
I now realise that I am responsible for my own actions and others are responsible for theirs. I also recognise that I have a responsibility to love and nurture myself and the Reach Approach has definitely made all the difference. I can honestly say that without Elaine’s help and intervention I could not have moved on so quickly, if at all.
I have continued to see Elaine on a regular basis, now fortnightly, as I find it invaluable to all aspects of my life and growth.
I can only thank Elaine for all her assistance, support, consistency and ongoing encouragement and I am so aware that, ‘when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come’. I thank the universe and Reach for my teacher.
Ruth D

“Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.”
W. Clement Stone (1902-2002)

Dear Easton
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to me. I have been totally overwhelmed and have had trouble collecting my thoughts in order to thank you.
When I sent you the small donation I felt it would only partly cover the cost of the CDs you had sent me and I really wanted to show my appreciation. When you not only returned the draft, but sent me two more CDs as well, I was flabbergasted.
Even though we have never met, I would like very much to be able to pattern my life after you. You are a humble and unique human being and I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed.
You could not have sent me anything that I would treasure more than I do the CDs. You will be pleased to hear that they could not have arrived at a better time. Early that very morning, February 28th, I had received the news that my very much loved elder brother Bill had passed away. It was a sad time. There was a snow storm in the province where he was and it was impossible to get to him, either by car or plane. I was feeling shattered and anxious. As soon as the CDs arrived I went to my room and played them both. I have played them several times each day since then and they have helped me to cope, calmed me and my blood pressure has remained stable. 
The first one I played was ‘The Power of Thank You’. It was so right for that moment. As soon as I heard your voice, I felt safe. I was no longer alone and was able to calm myself. My anxiety became much more manageable and my sadness easier to bear and I began to give thanks for his life.
I would also like to thank you for the literature you sent for me. I am finding the readings interesting and informative. I know that as time goes by and I am able to study them at length and put them into practice I will benefit greatly from them, just as I have from your wonderful CDs.
There are times when we would not be able to cope with life without the help of family and friends, especially those ‘invisible’ friends who do the most incredible kindnesses.
I sincerely hope that at some time I will be able in some way to make a positive difference in some one’s life, the way you have in mine. My thanks again.
In friendship and with much love,
Lydia, Canada

“The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it.”
Charles Fillmore (1854-1948)

I genuinely don’t know any lonelier place in life than one of being in a place of anxiety and panic. Not anxiety of an everyday occurrence but one of sheer terror when you don’t know if the next moment is going to be your last, one that causes you to shake, scream, hide, run, cry all at the same time. One that overshadows every waking thought, one that runs through your broken sleep to the point where exhaustion upon exhaustion drains your broken body and fills your mind with such sadness, such despair that you lack hope in every area of your life.
The more inward you become, as a result of the terror, the more you analyse every symptom physical and emotional, to the point of withdrawal from those around you. This in turn becomes a way of life. Those that want to help can offer you no way back, how could they, they don’t know how you got there in the first place and neither do you.
What if there was a map, what if someone said to you, ‘I know the place you’re in all too well for I have been there, and something in their tone of voice makes you lift your head and take note, instinctively you recognize something in that someone’s voice that’s unspoken, that is reaching out to you.
So, instinctively you reach out one last time with every last bit of energy you can muster and little by little unconditional love and support ebb and flow in your direction and slowly lead you out of that place of loneliness, fear and exhaustion. This I believe is the essence of Reach, for I have been where you are and I am being gently led down this road out of the darkest place in my life.
If you are in that place I have spoken of, then I say to you, Reach with every last bit of energy you have. Reach because here there lies a map, where you will be taken by the hand and led to a more peaceful place and if you fall, as you may again, you will be gently picked up until you are led out of that place.
With all my heart I say to whoever reads this, I understand in my own way how you feel. Let this be the day you lift up your head, ‘there is a way out of this pain. Just begin to Reach’.
Stuart Morris

“The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within not from without.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Personal Prayer

I am the Divine Presence
Filled with wisdom, grace, love, joy, serenity, compassion and insight
I am beautiful and healthy
Thinking thoughts filled with kindness, peace and love
I am filled with abundant, creative energy that manifests
In beautiful loving acts
That in turn creates abundance on every level for myself
And every life force that I have the privilege to touch
I support the Divine and ultimately humanity
I am so honoured
Omisona Fasina

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