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“Life can only be understood looking backwards but it must be lived looking forwards.”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Personal Prayer

I am a person at peace with myself, everything I touch turns to gold. 
I am cool and calm in all situations. I am the best I can be in all that I do, even in the face of adversity.
My relationships are loving, satisfying and fulfilling. I bring out the best in others and they do in me.
In return the universe brings to me everything I need. Everything I need comes and finds me. It is by being still and trusting in the process of life that I become fulfilled and happy. Having learnt from my mistakes I no longer give my power away.
Jan Lazaridis

“The most efficient and effective way to overcome problems or adversity is by non-contention or yielding, which is not submission or capitulation, but exercising control by taking the way of least resistance.”
Lao Tzu (6th Century B.C.)

I arrived on your doorstep (in 2002) still half frozen from the brain haemorrhage and in a terrible quandary about my life and coping with Jim’s death. I remember that pain felt like the only thing that truly registered. You stepped in to that place with me and held my hand and helped me unravel it all and were able to help me understand and forgive myself. You’ve also helped me to unpick my marriage gently, a gift to us all – especially my boys.
I don’t know what I would have done without you, Easton – or how much I shall miss your warmth and good counsel. Take care sweet man and good luck in all your endeavours. The world needs you.
Carol Hughes

“When the personal life is cultivated, the family will be regulated; when the family is regulated, the state will be in order; and when the state is in order there will be peace throughout the world! All must regard cultivation of their personal life as the root or foundation of peace and order.”
Confucius (551-479 B.C.)

I marvel at how far my journey has taken me since it first began. I have often heard the saying “when a student is ready a teacher will be found”. I found my teacher long before I knew it.
My first contact with Easton from Reach was a strange one. A co-worker and I were having a conversation about how nice it is to find peaceful places but she did not mention a place, instead she mentioned a person. I had to meet him. She gave me his telephone number and my stalking of Easton began! I left at least 3 or 4 messages before he got back to me. He said he had no spaces but when one became available he would call. Being the most impatient person in the world I called him a couple of times to remind him I was still waiting. I guess not wanting to have to change his number because of my obsessive calls, he managed to squeeze me in!!
The moment I met him I thought “Good God, she is right, he is the most peaceful, kind, humble and loving man I have ever met and he had this amazing gift for making you feel comfortable, even special, in his presence.
I guess everyday people discover many treasures and treasured moments; meeting Easton is my treasure and most treasured moment.
I was in a dysfunctional marriage and could not see any way out; eventually when I did get the courage to leave, Easton became my greatest support, helping me to see things with clarity and love. I have managed to survive a hellish divorce. I’m worse off financially but the happiest I have been in years.
My laughter now comes from within my inner being and I enjoy laughing, it is not forced or just on the surface as most of us do when we are hurting. My anger is subsiding, I am finding that I have fewer friends but I care little about that. I am still learning; my greatest triumph will be to become more patient and to be more loving, but I’m truly on my way.
Deniese Wilson

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step!”
Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1926-1968)

I came to Reach as a near-anorexic, totally stressed woman with very little self-confidence and no hope of things getting any better, following a number of traumatic years.
I emerged 2 years later after seeing Jo, as a self-professed strong, confident woman with a love of life and a firm knowledge that life can be as good as I create it to be.
The ethos behind Reach that makes it different from other organizations I have come across is that it is 100% genuine – it isn’t about making profits but about making positive changes happen for people who need them.
I have recommended Reach’s services to several people and will continue to do so!

“Human beings are born soft and flexible; when they die they are hard and stiff …..… Plants arise soft and delicate; when they die they are withered and dry. Thus, the hard and stiff are disciples of death; the soft and flexible are disciples of life. Thus an inflexible army is not victorious; an un-bending tree will eventually break. The stiff and rigid will crumble and fall; the soft and flexible will rise.”
Lao Tzu (6th Century B.C.)

I came to Reach reeling from the trauma of recent life events, which had left me feeling confused, afraid and lost.
From the beginning Easton made me feel there was hope for me, that I would be able to recover and find clarity and fulfillment in my life. His sensitivity, strength, certainty, knowledge and humour carried me through dealing with the issues that were pressing and immediate.
Through this process I realised that to be truly free from my own self-limiting habits and ways of being I needed to be free from the negative aspects of my past. So I chose to walk the path of in-depth self-examination and it was at times very painful as I unearthed my low self-esteem, eating disorder, alcohol dependence and many more subtle yet self-sabotaging patterns. And at times it was a joyful experience because if this journey can be described as any one thing – it is liberating. I discovered an internal world I had been ignoring all my life.
The holistic approach Easton introduced me to is all-embracing, leaves no stone unturned. I came to understand that if I chose to walk the path of honesty and integrity there was nothing I could not achieve. Today I still know this to be true. The journey with Reach turned my life around. I know I still need to make the effort to sustain my changes but when I do this, it feels as though I am perpetually basking in the rays of a benevolent and gentle sun.
Cathy Kelly

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