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"The best way out is always through".

Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)



Dear Jo,

The work we have done together has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I can't begin to explain the difference it has made to me as a person - although if anyone can understand this, you can.

You have been a wonderful counsellor, with your quiet reassurance, comforting warmth and endearing personality.  You are the sort of counsellor I aspire to be.

It feels like the end of an era but also the beginning of a new chapter.  I will miss you but know that it is right to end counselling now. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I wish you good health and happiness for the future.

My very best and warmest wishes,



“The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don't wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.”


Thích Nhat Hanh (1926 - present)


Dear Easton,

I want you to know just how helpful I've found it to actively pursue forgiveness, both of myself and of others.

Following your suggested approach, I started by listing the significant “injustices” I perceived I’d suffered at the hands of others, along with the many things I felt I’d got wrong myself. I did this over the course of about a week and when I’d finished I had two typed pages of things requiring forgiveness! The very process of preparing these lists, explicitly acknowledging all the negative “stuff” I was carrying, was itself powerful - it made me realise and face just how much negativity and “baggage” I’d accumulated down the years and that I was the person paying by far the highest price, in both mind and body, for still carrying all this stuff!

I then turned to active and explicit forgiveness, by having imaginary conversations either with myself or with others, depending on what required forgiveness. Whilst a little strange at first, I found this incredibly powerful and on more than one occasion, when forgiving myself or others, I felt a wonderful physical "lightening” in my shoulders and back - as if loads really were being lifted from me both metaphorically and physically. Through the process as a whole I "let go” of lots of things and I now enjoy greatly increased contentedness and peace of mind. I sometimes go back to the process and “top up” forgiveness for things I realise I’ve not yet 100% let go and, having made the initial effort, this is always now quickly rewarded.

I recently shared my experience with a friend who’d struggled for many years with negative feelings towards a former partner. A short while later she told me that our conversation was the catalyst for her deciding to forgive him and that, when she did, she’d immediately felt positive and energised. It felt wonderful to hear this and I can feel another tingle going down my back even now, as I recount this for you! Thank you for patiently showing me the way :)

Greg, Stratford



"For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them."


Thích Nhat Hanh (1926 - present)


We have long advocated that individuals write a personal prayer.  Essentially this is a mission statement which helps them to channel and mobilize their energy, designing a present and a future that reflects their dreams.  There are many kinds of personal prayer and you will see numerous ones dotted throughout this section of the site.  The beauty of this exercise is there's no wrong or right way to do this, it's how it best fits you.  Here's a lovely example...


Dear Higher Power,

I am so grateful for this beautiful world I live in and the powers that I have that let me experience and nurture life itself.  I feel completely grounded and in touch with myself, I enjoy living in the now, being present all the time, focusing all my attention in the moment and experiencing it to the full.

I am blessed to live in a warm, cosy, calm, inviting home, surrounded by nature and people who love and respect themselves and the environment.  I wake every morning filled with joy to hear the birds singing and the sun shining though my window.  I enjoy spending time in the morning and before I go to bed stretching my flexible limbs and calming my mind, which is growing stronger and more intelligent day by day.  I love spending time taking loving care of myself, feeding myself goodness in every sense, physically, emotionally and mentally.  I feel so powerful as I mindfully eat nutritious, healthy, fresh food, exercise my beautiful slender toned body and quiet my mind through meditation prayer and yoga.  I feel so energized and healthy - I love it.

I have so much spare time; I love spending time in the garden with my plants, growing my own vegetables and doing the things I enjoy.  I am so relaxed.  I enjoy spending time outdoors being close to nature, taking walks, watching the sun rise and fall.  I love feeling the warm sunshine on my face and breathing in fresh air all the time, I feel refreshed and uplifted.  I am exploding with love, joy, warmth, creativity and compassion and I enjoy sharing them and touching all who I meet with my beautiful qualities.

I am so grateful for the health of my family and friends who show me love and respect.  I enjoy interacting with them, we share interesting conversations and have exciting times going on many adventures.  They accept me just as I am.  I have loving, respectful relationships and feel so comfortable in my own skin.  I stand tall, I am calm, confident and in control all the time.  My social life is abundant.  I thoroughly enjoy every moment of my job, helping people to see the best in themselves and make the most of their lives, contributing to their health and well-being... making them feel so special I feel filled to the brim with so much joy and calmness.  I fulfill my working role in every way possible.  It makes me feel whole and content.

Money comes to me in abundance and I feel comfortable to do all the things that I choose without any worries at all.  I am enjoying travelling, seeing amazing places and meeting fascinating people.  I am learning so much about myself and others and how we function.  I am at peace, I am whole, I am still and I feel content.

I love being fully independent and feeling so confident, believing in myself so much and loving myself unconditionally.  I feel so strong and focused on what I want and have the strength to move forward with my dreams.  I love my life.  I am so much fun, so positive and always smiling.  I take life lightly and live each and every day to the full.  Thank you for guiding me on my spiritual journey.

Keeley Parkes, UK


“Our own life has to be our message.”

Thích Nhat Hanh (1926 - present)



Dear Jo

I am going to try and put into words how grateful I am to you - this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I am so blessed to have stumbled upon you two years ago when I was in a heartbreaking situation.  It's because of Summer that I started this journey, thinking you were purely going to help me decide my baby's fate.  Who would have thought that she would lead me down this path to freedom.  She really is the gift that keeps on giving.  It was all in life's plan.

Your kind, sincere and expert guidance has been life-changing for me.  You've helped me unlock my courage, strength, faith, humbleness, and many more qualities that were probably there without me knowing.

You've helped me find the desire to evolve and learn endlessly, with Synergy being the tune to my song.

Thank you for a safe space, compassion, honesty and something to look forward to when times were hard. There have been lots of tears of sadness and sorrow but these have now been replaced with tears of joy and gratitude.  We've even had some chuckles along the way.

The ripple effect is amazing and our good work will go on to benefit my children and beyond. Your radiant smile is infectious and every time I remember it I shall pass it on.  You know me, there will probably be a happy tear too!

Thank you for everything you've contributed to the Reach programme.

Thank you for helping me understand life's potential...

Thank you for making the world a better place!

Warmest of wishes

Jody (Deacon-Viney)



“Man ultimately becomes what he thinks of himself.”

Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1926-1968)


Your videos are life-changing. I am eternally grateful for giving me such a precious gift. I'm not able to gather my thoughts just yet, (and I'm a writer) because I am a bit overwhelmed. I stumbled upon your affirmations part one and part two about 8 days ago and have been listening and watching them a few times a day.

I was in the "dark place" ...a very low point in my life.  Because of Reach I've regained my love for life, my energy and enthusiasm and best of all gave me peace of mind again, something that has alluded me for quite a while. Thank you for bringing my hope back and for teaching me new ways to cope. (Rhyme intended)

Tonight I visited your website and watched a few more videos. I need to let it all sink in! I plan to watch them over and over again for the rest of my life.

I was compelled to contact you immediately in order to thank you. I've already told quite a few people about your site and how it has changed me for the better. You will be hearing from me soon.

I will finish thanking you later however right now, I just want to think about the experience.


Rosemary Durkin Snyder


Me again!

It will take me forever to get through the abundance of material that you have so generously provided to the world. Once I do, I will repeat the process over and over again. I am just about to take a few of your YouTubes with me while taking a walk.

As I move forward, along the path near my house and in my own personal journey, I'll be listening to your inspiring and motivational messages every step of the way.

Have a great day!

Rosemary Durkin Snyder



“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

Thích Nhat Hanh (1926 – present)


Dear Jo

It’s been difficult to decide what to write. Even if I were to write a dissertation on the many ways you have helped me to improve my life, I wouldn’t be able to do you justice. You have positively influenced not just my life but those of my closest family and friends at the very least and it isn’t easy to express how deeply I appreciate you.

Before I met you I thought I had accepted how I felt and was prepared to live the rest of my life feeling that way.  After all, I was the ‘happiest’ I’d ever been. I knew I was only using a fraction of my abilities but having gone down many different avenues in an attempt to heal myself, I thought I’d arrived at the best ‘place’ I was going to be able to reach.  I thought I should just accept how I felt and lead the best life I could.  Shortly afterwards I was led to your door.

In spite of having the family I’d always wished for, when I first met you my life felt predominantly grey and heavy, with fleeting moments of peace and contentment.  As a result of knowing you, I now feel lighter, my life feels brighter.  My spirit no longer feels burdened and so I feel more peaceful and am allowing myself to enjoy and appreciate my life much more. Thanks to you, I have a much stronger core and so I don’t feel afraid of life any longer.   I am comfortable with myself and value what I have whilst looking forward to all that I am becoming and will achieve in the future.  I’m kinder to myself and care more for myself and that’s made me better able to do the same for others.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t look forward to coming to see you whatever stage I was at and whatever was going on in my life.   It has always been a joy to be in your presence even in my worst moments. I found Life Mapping the hardest stage and I wondered if I was ever going to finish it!  It felt as though my mind was ‘walking’ through treacle and I think I threw in a whole lot of Shame Work at the same time, whilst being very ashamed at how long I was taking to complete this stage!

Thank you for your immense patience during this time (and many others) because I was impatient with myself and yet obsessively felt the need to voice EVERYTHING!!  Once I finally did stop and move on, I started to feel lighter, freer and more receptive to letting you help me to excavate the negative contents of my mind.   I then enjoyed my time with you even more and that never ends.

Through your help and guidance I’m learning to trust my own insights much more, whilst still wanting to soak up as much of your wisdom and knowledge as I can.   I have met some wonderful teachers in my life but you have been my greatest.   I wish that everyone could be as blessed as I have been meeting you.

With much love



“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

Ella Wheela Wilcox (1850 - 1919)


To Jo

Where do I start?  And how do I begin to thank you?

You have changed the way I think and how I value myself.

There were times when I thought there was no way forward, however you helped me through those darkest days, and I would not be in the lovely calm place I am now, without you.

The letter to myself from my future was a real life-changer!  And I was so proud when we moved into our lovely new home and I read it to my girls.

All my dreams did come true!  And now I have self-respect... something I never had before.

Thank you so much...

Elaine Day


“Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength”.

Ralph W Sockman (1889 - 1970)


Over the past year the Reach approach has made such a difference to my life. I was very depressed and after talking to Rupinder, I realised that I had not grieved for my father who had passed away four years earlier.

She helped me to come to terms with his loss by such a simple process really and I was so amazed how quickly it worked for me.

I didn’t realise that I also had other issues, which Rupinder helped me with so much. Her advice helped me cope and look at situations differently.

I am feeling like my old self again and I know that guidance from Rupinder and the Reach Approach will help me move on with my future and definitely look forward to it.

I cannot thank Rupinder enough for listening and giving me my life back.

Carol Bateman


“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926 - present)


When I contacted the Reach Approach at the beginning of last year, I knew I was ready to start making changes in my life, I did not, however, anticipate that these changes would have such a positively profound affect. When I began receiving support - through contact sessions with the wonderful Rupinder - I was facing a lot of daily challenges and struggles. Suffering from bulimia, depression and anxiety, I could not see a way out and was beginning to believe that I was destined to be unhappy and feel unworthy and scared my whole life.

With Rupinder i began to look at aspects of my life, both past and present, so I could reach a place of understanding and then begin to apply and use Reach Approach methods that would help me to release my fears, build my confidence and live a healthy life that was free of anxiety and doubt. It wasn't always easy and I had to be dedicated to wanting to change but day by day I slowly and surely began feeling better and more confident in myself. As well as gaining more self esteem and self-worth I, along with Rupinder's guidance, also developed methods to cope when things began to regress. I couldn't praise Rupinder enough and the Reach Approach for its developed, consistent and resourceful support, never pushing me but pointing me to the direction of reaching my full potential and helping me to realise how wonderful life can be


 "The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.  We carry the seeds of the one or the other about with us in our minds wherever we go."

Martha Washington (1731 - 1802)


Well what a journey it has been! I arrived at Jo’s having lived a life of mask wearing and low self-belief. We began exploring my childhood history, unearthing my sense of ‘lack of belonging’ and low self-worth. The 3 A’s said it all, yet I was just so relieved to be able to have some understanding of why I thought and behaved in the way I did. The use of Positive Affirmations has been a revelation to me…I use them every day!

One particular sticking point for me was my post-natal depression. Boy, how I had carried that around with me for 9 long years. After a session of light therapy with Jo, it finally shifted. This was a HUGE turning point for me and my journey of self-belief as a parent and as a person.

Dark room work was, on the whole, difficult and painful. I found it painful being with myself, something I had been running from for many years. However, Jo offered me a safe environment and trusting relationship to explore this and each week it became easier. Dark room work ensured my relationships around me changed for the better. I now have an ‘adult’ relationship with my parents and am more emotionally available for my children. My husband is also enjoying the more assertive me (to a point!!). I’m happy with me…I like me…I love me.

Finally, Jo and I embarked on ‘Lifestyle’. I have enhanced my nutrition, hydration and relaxation. I, along with my family, are reaping the rewards of what Reach has offered.

Jo, it’s been emotional … and so so worth it … thank you.

Nicole (UK)

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