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Transcending Anxiety

My anxious thoughts are so crippling, disabling and limiting.... They pull me down like a tornado.... the force of the swirling, relentless negative thoughts scares me beyond words.... I feel powerless in the grip of anxiety and yet if I dare to stand still, if I dare to stand in the vortex, in the heart of the tornado, I begin to see that the swirling winds of negativity only have power over me as a result of my fear... When I realise that I am more powerful than these anxious self-limiting thoughts, I begin to see the possibility that I can be free... I stand here in the heart of the storm and strangely find that peace starts to descend on me.... it's so calming, so comforting and with it comes a sense of clarity and perspective.... I begin to realise that these thoughts cannot hurt me unless I allow them to have power over me and so I choose not to give my power away.... I now stand in the faith that I am equal to life's challenges.... I quietly discover anxiety is not my enemy, it is in fact a friend, one that needs my attention.... And so I turn my attention towards my anxiety and I listen to what it has to say....  The more I listen the more I realise It really does speak to me.... The more I embrace it the more the anxiety subsides and as it subsides its messages become clear.... These messages actually come to make my path an easier one, they come to protect me....  I hold onto the messages and let the rest go.... I stop fighting with and against my anxiety.... I learn to become its friend and I listen .... I am free from the terror and the fear of not being good enough.... I am at peace...


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