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The Art of Acceptance

I accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can.... I am also developing the wisdom to know the difference between the two.... To accept those things I cannot change takes great courage and strength.... There is no weakness or failure in acknowledging that acceptance is at times the only solution I have.... When I spend too much time fighting and wrestling with those people, things and events that I cannot change then I create undue stress for myself.... I've fought so many pointless battles and in the process have lost my way.... I've forgotten what's important and as a consequence I waste time and energy.... By accepting there are things I cannot change I find peace and clarity and I learn to focus my attention and energy on those things that I really can positively influence.... Acceptance is so liberating.... Acceptance is insightful.... Acceptance strengthens me.... It teaches me that power isn't always found in control.... Sometimes the power that I seek is found in letting go of control and understanding it is not my place to control everything.... My place is to influence those things that I can and where that is not possible to let go and learn.... Sometimes life unfolds in a particular way because there is a story that needs to be told, a story that has hidden messages that need to be played out in a certain way.... So if I remain busy holding on, trying to control the outcome, I deny myself the many insights available to me.... I move forward trusting that there is a greater good that I may not always understand but if I have the courage to follow its lead, in time it will all make sense.... I then come to a point where I can understand that which I have not yet imagined.... And so I accept and let go....


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