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Chewing Mindfully

I give thanks for what I am about to receive... with every mouthful I extract the wonderful gifts of vitamins and minerals contained within this food... this food helps to keep me alive... it enriches my cells, tissues, muscles and bones... I’m made stronger with every mouthful... I can literally feel the energy contained within the food being broken down and distributed around my body... my body is the most incredible organism... it takes what I imbibe, providing me with the best possible nutrients... and simultaneously it is extracting all the waste and toxic compounds for removal... the body is a genius, striving at all times to promote the quality of my life... all it asks of me is my co-operation... and increasingly I co-operate by making better food choices and chewing and savouring each mouthful... eating in this way is such a pleasurable experience... I find that I am able to taste and appreciate flavours I have far too often taken for granted... I can feel that every day and in every way I am getting stronger and stronger... the nutrients via my blood, enrich both my brain and body... as a result I can feel the mind being uplifted as it reaches for and embraces both contentment and joy... eating in this way is such a pleasurable experience... and I find that I eat only what I need... I no longer need to eat just for comfort... I eat according to need... and the pleasure that I derive from that comforts me... I find myself in a beautiful dance with consciousness... one where mouth and mind work co-operatively in the name of health... I give thanks for this awareness because it allows me to appreciate the beauty and connection between all things... I now see food as my friend and I give thanks for the many gifts that it offers... What a beautiful feeling... I am so enjoying this food and its many magical properties... and I promise to maintain this special relationship... 


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