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Beware of Waste

The secret to health is the removal of waste.... The more I remove waste from my life the more I can find the best in me.... The things that hold me back are all negative in nature, they are all toxic in some way and as a result they not only contaminate my mind, they poison my body too.... As a result how I feel about myself at my core is contaminated.... This is why I repeatedly sabotage myself....As I have been drowning in my waste thoughts and actions.... But starting from this moment I take a vow to banish all that is negative from my life.... This mission begins in my mind.... I start by thinking differently about myself.... I realise I have many qualities, talents and abilities, that simply haven't been exploited as I have been so busy finding fault with myself and my world.... The more I complain the more I will find to complain about.... Complaining is such a terrible disease that poisons my mind and body.... It sees the worst in others which makes it easy to see the worst in me.... When I see the worst in everything how can I find the best in myself?.... So when I rid myself of the habit of complaining, the waste thoughts simply fall away as they have nothing to sustain them.... Now I can see what else in my life needs to change.... I am inspired to de-clutter on all levels, removing anything that is opposing my progress, whatever form it may take.... It is a beautiful feeling removing the obstacles to growth.... The more I do this I feel courage and strength rising up in me.... For the first time I truly believe in who I am capable of becoming as I realise that I am much more than I imagined.... I fill my mind and body with all that they need, and as a result my spirit begins to soar....


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