Dulwich Health







Dulwich Health Ltd. is a social enterprise that’s been operating for over 20 years. It exists to help people rather than to maximise profits. The majority shareholding is held by a cancer charity which helps cancer patients directly. So any surplus is transferred to this charity. Dulwich Health’s contribution to trying to find the solution to cancer is a unique one. We would highly recommend the book they produced, ‘CANCER – The Full Menu’ by Rolf Gordon. We have had a long and successful relationship with Dulwich; we respect their ethos and integrity and can vouch for the effectiveness of their products. Dulwich has a unique range and we would particularly recommend Oxytech, Alitech, Raditech, Magnatech, Lo-Sterol and the Zen Chi Massager and PT Rebounder. They literally have something for everyone.  To find out more about these products and explore their full range please go to www.dulwichhealth.co.uk.

We’ve entered into an arrangement with Dulwich which means anyone placing an order for their goods quoting REACH will get a 10% discount on whatever they have purchased. To secure this discount please ring Dulwich Health on 020 8670 5883. This offer can only be activated by telephone orders.